Thursday, January 22, 2009

Oscar Party Time

Cross-posted at my other blog, The Manic Scribe.

Oscar nominees were just announced today.

I'm a huge Oscar fan. Not so much for the movies but for the social aspect.

I usually do an Oscar party with my good friend B. Last year I skipped it. I hope to get back into the tradition this year. I like to realy glam up the food I serve, but this year, I am just about partied out. Not to mention that I should be more budget-consious than I have been due to the current economic doldrums.

However, I've got a turkey in the freezer and half a lamb's worth of meat. And I've got a steady supply of root and leaf vegetables coming in weekly from my CSA. So I think I'll be able to put together a nice spread for my guests that won't break my budget.

Hm. Maybe I'll even ask them to bring some canned goods to donate to charity, make it something more than appletinis and red carpets.


steve8282 said...

hi carriep

Steve Welsh here From the Geologic comments page.

This may not be the way you intended me to contact you but I'm no good with the intertubes.

I have all of Geos Music loaded from Itunes and I will get non colouring book soon but it is my intention to buy the actual disks from him at the first live performance I attend, so I often try to suggest he come to Toronto to play.

Eventually I will find the time and the money to go to him closer to his turf but I try to keep the idea of coming this way in his head. just in case.

The musishian said...

Ah, I see. Good idea.

How far are you willing to travel to see him live? We might be able to get him into Michigan at some point.