Wednesday, August 13, 2014

North/East side Photo Tour

Let me take this chance to point out that all the good pics were taken by The Mister. For whatever reason, the photo gene skipped me, but James has the interest and the equipment (thanks Dad!).

Part of the delay on blog posts has been getting the good stuff from the camera to the ipad. 

Anywho, one of our first scheduled things in Kauai was a half day photo tour. Our guide, Levi, was a hoot: a total geek and gamer who loves sharing stories and learning about pretty much anything. Reminded me of my grandpa Corey, which may seem wierd unless you ever met my Grandpa Corey.

Levi is a kick ass photographer, and gave all the touristas some helpful tips on composition, lighting, and filters.

Three top things I learned:

Get lower for a better shot. 

Use "stuff" as frame for interest.

Filters are your friend.

Quick before and after on that last tip.

Without filter.

With filter.

Here are some of James' best shots.

How'd that get in there??

Does this one look familiar? Features prominently in two Paramount flicks. Chocolate covered Mac nuts to the first person who comments, correctly, with both movies.

...and one from me.