Thursday, February 18, 2016

Improv recipe: Vaguely Spicy Veggie Chickpea pasta


One of my best, easiest, improvs. I made it with chickpeas I cooked the day before, but don't do that-use canned.

Read through the recipe once to get your ingredients.

Put pot of water on to boil with salt.
Crush clove of garlic in another pan with 2 T butter and turn heat to low.
Get small bag mixed raw veggies-broccoli and cauliflower, and break up the bigger pieces into bite sizes. Add to garlic, add large pinch of salt, and stir.
Chop up half a red bell pepper and toss in. Turn to medium high and stir once.
Open up can of chili ready tomato diced the one with the spices.
Stir veggies, fump tomatoes and liquidd in. Stir.
Break spaghetti into thirds, add each third to boiling water, stir after each third.
Stir veggies, add can drained chickpeas, stir, turn to low, cover.
Cook until pssta is done, about 8 minutes.
Last few minutes of pasta, uncover veggies and stir. You want them bright and crisp, not muddy and mushy.
Turn off hear on veggies and add large pinch or two of whole cumin.
Drain pasta.
To serve, pasta in bottom of powl, top with veggies. Tilt a bit more juice from the pot if you like. 
Top with a little bit of shredded mozzarella and fresh ground pepper.

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