Sunday, June 8, 2008

Barbecue part 2

Well, I've had my first problem.

You'd think a simple piece of equipment like a chimney starter would be a no-brainer to use. Not so. After the third attempt to light my coals, I called The Mister home.

I was stuffing the paper into the starter wrong. There's a grate at the bottom of the starter. I was putting paper above the grate. But it was supposed to go below the grate.


But now that I've figured it out, I've lit another batch of coals all by myself.


I've shoved the coals to one side of the Webber, and put the meat on the other side. It's been on the grill about a half hour.

For flavor, I put a spice rub on the brisket earlier in the morning.

I didn't really measure what was in the rub, but I figure the recipe below is a fair estimate of what all went into it.

1/2 cup salt
1/4 cup brown sugar
a few tablespoons each of:
chili powder
onion powder
celery salt
curry powder
celery salt
a little bit of
cayenne pepper
black pepper

I massaged all this into the meat pretty good and let it sit while I wrangled with the coals.

Off to mop the meat and check on the coals. What's a mop? Not something to clean floors, in this case. Stay tuned to the next installment to find out more.

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