Friday, November 9, 2007

A rant

My friend took a joke to its logical extreme the other day. Working from the premise "bacon makes everything taste better," he decided to test this hypothesis, up to and including putting bacon on ice cream. His report was "it doesn't make it better, but it didn't really make it worse."

Ha ha. Except, on the Next Iron Chef the other day, one of the chefs MAKES a bacon ice cream. And the judges find it UNORIGINAL. The quote from one of the judges was something like--make sure you read this with the proper tone of elitist disdain--"This isn't the first time we've had a bacon gelato, you know."

On the one hand, how pretentious can you get? But, on the other hand, a statement like this makes me start to second-guess my tastes. I'd love to have had the chance to try some bacon ice cream, but where I live these days, the innovation in going out to eat is severely limited. Even if I did live in a more cosmopolitan metropolis, I'd still be limited by what I can afford.

I really do feel like an uncultured hick some days. Never been abroad. Never been to New York. Never been to LA. When I went to Chicago, the closest city of any real culinary chops, I went to the fondue place (and I'll defend that decision to the day I die, but it's not terribly innovative).


Brickgrrl said...

I like the idea of bacon as bits on or through the ice cream, and I'm a fan of salty-and-sweet... but it sounds like it would be a candidate for The Grasshopper Milkshake Syndrome. One-third through it: mmmmm! Two-thirds through it: what was I thinking? Finishing it: death!

That said: wasabi sorbet. That was the palate cleanser when I went to Morimoto in Philadelphia. [A transcendent dinner in every way.]

Girl- you HAVE to visit Manhattan! And then I am ordering you to proceed directly to San Francisco. You and Mr. Garlic will be broke but will name all your children Brickgrrl, you'll be that happy.

Something, Something Productions. said...

"but where I live these days, the innovation in going out to eat is severely limited." want more than the choice between Applebees or the good Applebees (which doesn't actually exist)?

mmmmm bacon....


The musishian said...


Thanks for the Morimoto recommendation. I've heard lovely things about Morimoto. My husband tried to convince me to go to a sci-fi convention in the area by telling me we could also go to Morimoto as part of the trip.

Alas, we did not have the fundage at that time and had to forsake the trip entirely. Someday, perhaps.

I'm up for a promotion at work (maybe--long story) and if I get it, the cash flow situation might allow a long weekend to someplace out of state.

If you haven't seen the finale of The Next Iron Chef, don't read my blog for a couple of days.

@ Reggie,

Look for some upcoming blogs to address the issue of eating well in the Midwest.