Sunday, November 11, 2007

Spoiler Alert: The Next Iron Chef is...

Symon wins! Symon wins! Symon wins!

Just got done with an informal birthday party which ended with watching The Next Iron Chef.

I love the melodrama involved. For the winner, it wasn’t just an announcement—the winner’s picture was unveiled on the Wall of Iron Chefs.

I was a Symon fan since the episode where they had to cook outdoors on the grills. I loved his simple approach, his family-style plating, and, most importantly, his ability to defend his decisions on why he cooked things the way he did. A couple of the judges thought his squab was too well-done (they wanted it rare). But Symon said that cooking the squab medium was an intentional decision. It was a well thought out and articulate answer when the other contestants were saying “um, well…”

Also, he has a tattoo that says “Born To Cook” on his leg. I wish I could think of a cool tattoo idea…

I wasn’t sure he could beat chef Besh, though. Chef Besh’s technique was much more refined. Also, Chef Besh was a Marine. In my experience, you don’t bet agains the Marine.

It was clear, however, that Symon had the job locked up after the tasting. Awesome, awesome finish.

Update on crappy food selection in my neck of the woods. I decided to do some fancy yet simple cooking for this birthday party, and tried my hand at ceviche. The recipe I was working from called for Halibut. No way I was going to find Halibut more than 700 miles away from the seashore—not even frozen. Checked three stores.

Finally settled on some decent fresh tuna bought at (shudder) Sam’s Club. Other than adding a little too much hot sauce, the Ceviche was a great appetizer. I’ll definitely make it again—very simple, but clean, complex flavors.

Until next time: Summon Sea Cucumber!

(Anyone know the reference? Post a comment and I’ll send you a prize!)

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