Friday, April 13, 2012

Lazy gardener is lazy

So, last year, I planted some garlic. .

Some is probably an understatement. It was 24 cloves in a 10 X 5 plot. I dug them up, washed them, cured them, and ate them through about October.

This year, the garden is fallow, because of a new job and new baby, I have no time.

I went to check out how bad the weeds were. Lots of grass-like stalks were popping up.

Oh great, I thought. But then I looked closer. Sniffed. Dug up one and sniffed again.

Garlic shoots! Apparently I hadn’t been very diligent at getting all the garlic out last year. So, the cloves and bits of cloves that stayed over the winter were coming to life again.

Happy lazy gardener is happy.

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Tressa said...

My Gram's garlic and onion chives just keep coming back every year! Makes Spring smell like a steak dinner!