Thursday, September 25, 2008


You may be thinking to yourself, "Why is she posting about Oktoberfest when it is only September?"

Well, I'm actually posting this late. Oktoberfest actually starts in September and goes through to October. Oktoberfest is nearly done!

Let me 'splain. The ruler of Germany at the time thought the party was such a good idea and so much fun that he 1. Made the party last longer and 2. Made the party start sooner. My kind of guy.

What you need to know about Oktoberfest is below.

*Mahalo has two great pages about Oktberfest and Oktoberfest recipes
*Drink whatever beer you like, but think about expanding your horizons.
*If you want to be authentic, drink Oktoberfest. It is a golden, almost pumpkin-colored brew, strong on the hops, strong on the malt, strong on the alcohol. *
*Hacker-Pschorr Oktoberfest
is the gold standard, but there are several other ones out there.
*If you can get to Schafly Brewery in St. Louis for their Oktoberfest on draft, do it. It is a transcendent experience.
*Lederhosen means leather pants. They are completely optional unless you are doing Oktoberfest in Germany.
*Food should be simple, hearty fare.
*Don't let a late start discourage you from having an Oktoberfest party.
*Have fun!

I'll try to get some Oktoberfest beer reviews up this week if I can get over to my local supplier who may have some bottles left.

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Kiless said...

Hello! Sorry, nothing to actually do with the entry, but just saying I got your feedback about the Skeptic Zone off George's podcast page and I've sent it onto Richard Saunders ('the boss', in a James-Brown-kind-of-way) in order to see what might be happening with the sound. We are on iTunes, if you have a poke-around... otherwise, please let me know and I can send you an mp3. We have a third show coming out later this week and hate to lose someone who was interested just due to a stuff-up! :) K.